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Your tutors and your teacher can work together. Our tutors submit a session recap that is sent to you and can be sent to your child's teacher as well. When you add your child’s teacher’s email address, they will receive the same session recap that is sent to parents. This creates a connection between your child's teacher and your child's tutor. Our tutors submit a session recap for your child that your child’s teacher can receive as well. Your tutor can provide feedback from 1-on-1 study sessions that might not come up in the classroom group setting.

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They live and breathe the subject matter, understand how it gets tested, and are up-to-date on the current curriculum standards. Further, teachers know when and how to push students, how to tailor lessons to specific learning styles, and how to build student confidence. Professional teachers know how to teach your child, they know beyond just the subject matter they are reviewing with your child. Your child is being tutored with lessons and study tips consistent with what they are learning in the classroom.

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