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Sometimes called “the central science,” Chemistry incorporates elements of Physics and Biology, and contributes to a better understanding of those subjects. A solid foundation in Chemistry is also essential for college- and graduate-level study in the sciences or medicine. But Chemistry is also a notoriously difficult subject. Navigating the Periodic Table, grasping nuclear structure and balancing chemical equations can challenge even the best science students. Personalized Chemistry tutoring from HomeWorkEye can make all the difference. We’ll match your child with a dedicated, private chemistry tutor who will meet regularly with your child and ensure that he or she has a firm grasp of the material. Our tutors are some of the best and brightest in the country, with extensive tutoring experience. They’re passionate about teaching, and know how to help students master the material and earn a strong Chemistry grade.

Whether your child is taking basic high school Chemistry, A.P. Chemistry, or college-level Chemistry, your private tutor will get your child engaged and build his or her confidence. And thanks to our Live Tutoring platform, it all happens when and where it’s convenient for you. At HomeWorkEye and our sister program StudyPoint we've helped over 30,000 students excel. We love what we do, and we look forward to helping your child succeed!